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Critical Care Medical Form

Fort Belknap Electric Cooperative maintains a list of those requiring electrical power to operate specialized life-sustaining medical equipment. We call it "Outage Priorities". It is important that you provide us with current information at least annually, or whenever your condition or contact information changes.

During an area-wide crisis, depending on weather conditions or the extent of damage to the electric system, accurate restoration times may be difficult to predict. We will do our best to give you all available information to help you make decisions. Everyone--but especially those dependent on medical equipment--should plan ahead for such situations.

Anyone who requires the use of medical equipment should have an alternate source of electric power and communication on hand, such as a backup generators, extra batteries, flashlights, nonelectric telephones and cell phones, to provide for your life support and comfort in the event of an extended outage.  It is your responsibility to plan for and acquire a generator, if needed.

In the event of a planned outage and before our crews interrupt electric service to safely perform scheduled maintenance, we will make every effort to inform you about the planned outage. For us to do so, it is important that you provide us with current telephone (including cell phone) numbers. This applies to all members, not only those on the Outage Priorities list.

Experts agree that every person using electrically powered medical equipment needs to be proactive in their own care. They need to be prepared in case of emergency situations--in fact, their lives depend on it. Medicare can provide equipment, but does not provide backup power supplies for electrically powered medical equipment. Backup batteries, emergency generators, extra oxygen, a supply of fresh water and nonperishable food items are but a few of the things to put in place before an emergency situation arises.

Unavoidable power outages do happen. Sudden severe storms, vehicle accident damage, tree limbs, animal contact, equipment failure or other problems can interfere with your electric service and disrupt the flow of power to individual locations or times to begin restoring service as swiftly and safely as conditions allow. But our members must also do their part to prepare for the eventuality of a power outage, for their own health, comfort and safety.

Please contact our office at (940)564-3526 to request a medical form so that we can add your information to our system. Or click here to print, fill out and turn in to our office. Please help us to help you in emergency situations.




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